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28 09, 2016

Coding Alcohol and Smoking Dependence vs. Severe Use Disorder

Q: “Can you code Dependence say for Alcohol if the provider states it as Alcohol Use Disorder-Severe? Since it does not say dependence but the provider says he is going by the DSM-V and it is dependence and they are not going to change the wording.” That was the first

26 09, 2016

Sequencing of Codes: Depression and Suicidal Ideation Codes

Q: “I have a question about depression and suicidal ideation. Should I code depression first and then suicide?” A: That’s a great question. When we start looking at the ICD 10 guidelines, funny enough, there is not a specific directive as to which one has to go first. If you

23 09, 2016

September 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers

 “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”  — William Arthur Ward To our recent CCO graduates and 2016 COC, CRC and CPC Exam Passers, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is true, the exam may not be easy, but what you have learnt all through the years, you

21 09, 2016

Wound Care and Laceration Repairs | CPT Coding Tips

Q: Wound Care and Laceration Repairs — “Could you do some scenarios with wound care at the next webinar? I am noticing a lot of those type questions on the CPC practice exams and am weak in that area. For example, an 11 year old girl fell from a chair

19 09, 2016

Timely Filing for Claims and Appeals | Medical Billing Tips

Q: Timely Filing for Claims and Appeals — “Please explain filing limits with insurance claim processing” for the initial claim as well as the appeal process. A: Basically, we’ll be covering information about how all insurance companies do enforce filing limits for both initial claim submission, as well as for