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24 08, 2016

Free Medical Coding Practice Exams – CPC Practice Exam and More!

Free Medical Coding Practice Exams - One of the things that we always constantly get from our community is yes, we sell courses, and yes, we sell lower-priced courses to help with your coding and higher priced, but we also have a lot of FREE resources from our YouTube channel, to

22 08, 2016

CRC Pre Employment Questions | CRC Coding Tips

Q: CRC Pre employment Questions - “What is a good example of a CRC pre-employment question? What are employers looking for?” A: CKD Stage V requiring dialysis, AV fistula patent. This is what you need to know, you break this down really quickly. These are things that you need to

19 08, 2016

August 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers – Week 1

 “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  — Walt Disney Congratulations to our new CCO graduates who are among the 2016 COC, CRC, CPB and CPC Exam Passers. Wohooooo!!! What a proud day. You did it! We just couldn’t be happier for you! You deserve

17 08, 2016

CCO BHAT™ System for Medical Coding Manuals

CCO BHAT™ System with Barbara Chippini Boyd:  Hi everybody. This is Boyd here at along with our fellow medical coder, Barbara Chippini, CPC, CCS. Hello, Barbara. How are you today? Barbara: I am fine. Hello. How are you? Boyd: I’m excellent because I’m talking to you and we’re talking about

15 08, 2016

RA Course Pearl GERD | Risk Adjustment Coding (CRC) Tips

VIDEO: RA Course Pearl GERD | Risk Adjustment Coding (CRC) Tips Alicia: RA Course Pearl GERD - The Pearl that Chandra mentioned, one that I had worked on was GERD, and I like to think of them as little pearls of wisdom. Let me just show you an overview of what it