Skin Grafts Medical Coding – When to Use One or Two Codes?

skin graft medical coding

Q: [Skin Grafts] – If you have a patient that is getting an autologous split thickness graft, taken from the thigh and attached to the tip of the nose, is it alright to use one code like 15120 for the harvesting and attachment? Is it OK if you don’t need two codes, how do I […]

CCO Swag Pay It Forward – New CCO Program – Video

cco swag

Laureen: We are starting a new program. Just as I was telling you, we do get people contacting us quite often in difficult situations and they want to take the course, they want to get a good career, we try and help where we can. So, we came up with this idea. On the other […]

CCO Name Change to Certification Coaching Organization – Video

certification coaching organization

Our first slide is to let you all know, you’ve probably seen we’ve had a slight name change. Actually, it isn’t a change, it’s just that we’re starting to really use it more. When I started CodingCertification.Org back three and half years ago, I was just focused on the coding aspect and I was just […]

The New CCO Helpdesk – Video

new cco helpdesk

Another announcement is some of you might have noticed, we have a new Help Desk. We just did some calculations, in the last month we have answered over 1300 tickets that have come in through the Help Desk, and that’s not even counting ones that are still coming in to our emails that we’re answering […]

ICD 10 Training with CCO – Video

icd 10 training

The Future of Coding >>ICD-10 Prep CCO Style We have several ICD-10 products to help you prepare. Many of you were probably were on our free ICD-10 proficiency webinar (how to take it without stress) and Alicia knocked it out of the park and did a great job. We’re still getting rave reviews over that. […]

CPC Exam Time Management 2015 – Video


Q: [Time Management] – “I’m struggling with Time Management too… thanks great question. Good luck. I’m sitting too first try in July 25.” A: Maybe I missed the context for this, time management for the board exam. Alicia: Yeah I saw that one come through. Laureen: So, this is what we teach for time management. […]

Get Medical Coding CEUs – Video

medical coding ceu

Speaking of CEUs, we have a lot of people that they’re like me, I’m a procrastinator, I wait till the last minute. If you need a bunch of CEUs at once, a lot of our courses are approved for CEUs, like, our Medical Terminology course is worth 40 CEUs. Get Medical Coding CEUs – Video […]

HCC Coding Category – Two HCC Codes in the Same Category – Video

hcc coding category

Q: “If you have 2 HCC codes in the same category such as 250.40 and 250.50 what is the trumping rule?” A: This is really funny because I think this might be one of our students who submitted this; I didn’t get to see the name, because I use the word “trump” all the time […]

ICD 10 CM Proficiency FAQ – Medical Coding Proficiency – Video

medical coding proficiency

ICD-10-CM Proficiency FAQs –The deadline is 12/31/2015 to become proficient. A lot of people think they have more time that is not true; so be informed. “Is it true we have one year to take the proficiency exam after ICD-10 goes into effect?” No. That was true before, but the AAPC made a cutoff date […]

Recent CCO Graduates March 2015 – Video

cco graduates march 2015

This one, my goodness, we started with one name – wow, we only have one name, and now all of a sudden we’ve got two slides full of congratulations. Alicia, why don’t you do the first slide and I’ll do the second one? Alicia: Sure! We have Barb Rogers, passed her CPC on 1/31; Patti Bauman, […]