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23 05, 2016

Coding Aftercare — Can a Z code be a Primary / Admitting Dx?

Q: Can a Z code be a Primary / Admitting Dx? “Can I use a Z code as a primary/first listed diagnosis? I am struggling with coding aftercare especially.” A: The answer is yes. You can use a Z code for a first listed diagnosis. The thing to understand and

22 05, 2016

Review of X Modifiers (EPSU) | Modifier 59 Alternatives

Q: Review of X Modifiers (EPSU) (modifier 59 alternatives) — “Can you review the X modifiers implemented January 1, 2015?” A: Honestly, there really hasn’t been that much of a change. In fact, CMS Medicare hasn’t given us much feedback or examples that consultants and coders have been looking for.

20 05, 2016

Modifiers, Global Surgical Package and Bundled Services Explained

Q: “Can you explain a little bit about modifiers, global surgical package and bundled services?” A: There’s a lot of information in one question. When we start to talk about these, a lot of times you’re going to hear the phrases “global surgical package” and “bundled services.” When you hear

17 05, 2016

Chiropractic Billing vs. Medical Billing

Q: Chiropractic Billing vs Medical Billing - “I recently switched from coding & billing with a 97.5% collection rate to billing for a chiropractic group. Now, 50% of my claims are being denied - particularly with Medicare, and I’m not doing anything differently than I did at my prior job.” Jo-Anne —

16 05, 2016

May 2016 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Napoleon Hill To our new CCO graduates and CPC Exam Passers, congratulations! You have proven your determination, brains, and willingness to learn. We're wishing you the best things in life. Here's to new opportunities open to you with the certificate you now hold as proof of diligence,

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