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Q: “Do you offer DRG training only?”

A: No, not yet. It doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future. We kind of are doing things by quarter, and so this year is kind of full, our plate is full and our slate of what we’re going to be providing we’re planning on bringing the CIC course and inpatient course, the compliance course and CDI (documentation improvement). Those are our three, they are next up; but that might be in the near future.

Alicia: You have to let us know what you want so if you keep letting us know, then, definitely it’s –
Laureen: Which that’s another thing, that new area, is we have an area for you to tell us what you want us to work on; so check that out.

Q: “Does CCO offer CHONC courses?”

A: That must be oncology. That is what I would consider a Medical Specialty credential. We have not gotten into that yet. Again, we want to. We’re going to be putting polls out and pulling from our community what people want and we’re going to develop what’s the most popular. At this point, no, we don’t have any medical specialties yet.

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Alicia: Another point there, could we create a course like that real quick? Absolutely. But it’s not going to be the quality you deserve, and so Laureen is making sure that we have a good coach, we vetted the experts and everything. When we do roll something out, it’s going to be quality versus just getting you some CEUs, it’s different.

Laureen: We’re really undergoing some organizational changes and restructuring and we’re having to come up with our mission statement and what we really want is to do what we’re currently doing really well so that all the students that are existing courses are just raving fans, like they just love the courses and then we’ll add more and make sure that course has the same caliber of what people are expecting from CCO now. And so, we’ll get there; but at this point, if you have a question that we can answer in six or seven minutes we’ll do it on this webinar. If it’s something you’d like us at least do a 90-minute webinar, we certainly can consider that. So, give us your ideas on that, that Helpdesk area and you’ll it happen.

Q: “Does CCO offer any emergency room (ED) coding courses?”And injection/infusions done on facility the side (in ED)?

A: Same thing for emergency room coding. Those both would be really good 90-minute type webinar topics, so I would recommend that you put them there and maybe, just in case, the individuals left, maybe someone from our Helpdesk team could do that for them, put those topics on the list. But you can vote them up, so you can look at the list of topics and if there’s something you really like, put a vote in, and the more votes we get those are the ones that we’ll be doing next. It’s all about popularity.

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CCO DRG Training and CHONC Courses

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