CIC Certification — Why Doesn’t Anyone Recognize It?

Q: (CIC Certification) – Why doesn’t anyone recognize the CIC certification? Now I am forced to take the CCS but really wanted to keep all my certifications with AAPC.

A: Well, it’s new. It’s brand spanking new, like wet-behind-the-ears new, so give it time. Sometimes, we have to be very confident on interviews and fight for our credentials and what they mean and what they stand for and the AAPC as an organization. Now, that being said, the CCS is the more established of the credentials, but they’re still a little different. The CCS covers inpatient and outpatient and physician based coding – all in one. It’s probably the most comprehensive credential out there, and therefore it’s the hardest. It also has, from what I last read, only 40% or so pass rate. That’s because people are taking it and they don’t have any experience. AHIMA will tell you themselves, “Don’t bother taking this, unless you have two years of actually having inpatient coding experience.”

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So, that’s how hard it is. I think the CIC is that’s just inpatient, though. So what they’re trying to do is they have the COC (which was formerly the CPC-H) for the outpatient and the CIC for the inpatient, and then the CPC is more for the physician. So, the three together shows that you can kind of code across the spectrum; but we have to educate the prospective employers and then hopefully it will stick.

Alicia: I would also mention that if you’re struggling, you have to remember that the AAPC is trying to get the word out as well, and reach out to them and tell them “I’m a CIC now, what can I give my prospective employer to inform them about the credential” and they will probably have something that you can print out. And then that way, you walk in with your resume and you slap that on top of that resume and say, “Here you go,” and that may be all it takes.

Laureen: Cool. We’re done. Hey, good timing. Alright, guys, that’s a wrap. Thank you for being on our first webinar of the new year and we look forward to keep on doing them.

Alicia: Real quick, a couple of questions, what someone said about the ICD-9, we do offer an ICD-9 standalone course.

Laureen: Yeah, that’s true.

Alicia: If you do need that, you just need ICD-9 because you learned in ICD-10, absolutely it’s there for you. So, it’s an easy pick up, it won’t take you long to get through it.

Laureen: OK. Alright, thanks everyone, we look forward to seeing your comments and how you enjoyed this month’s webinar in our Facebook wall or our discussion board. So, go out there and spread the word. Thanks.

Boyd: Thanks everybody! Have a good one!

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CIC Certification - Why Doesn't Anyone Recognize It

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