CCO Student Testimonials Rose Chronowski (Success Stories)

Boyd: (CCO Student Testimonials) – This slide is a reminder of our wonderful people who are a part of the CCO community, which we like to call raving fans. Rose Ann in our CCO VIP Club, which I’m going to in a second, left us a wonderful testimonial here. I’m going to say her name because I’m Polish too with the Staszewski name, her name is Rose Ann Chronowski. Thank you very much Rose Ann for saying this, she left us a testimonial, we asked her, “What benefits have you experienced from working with CCO?” She said, “Learning how to mark up my books so that they make more sense when looking for codes.”

Then, when we asked her, “What specific results have you gained from the education at CCO?” She said, “Passing my CPC boards and landing my first billing job.” Congratulations, great!

CCO Student Testimonials Rose Chronowski (Success Stories) – Video

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Lastly, we asked, “Does our training at CCO help you in your career or your work place? Does it save you time or money?” She said, “I would say both.”

Awesome! These badges that you see up at the top there, the badges that she’s earned. They are the testimonies, the orange ones at CCO; little blue one there means that she got her CPC certification with the help of CCO. She’s also a testimonial starter, she’s likeable with a little thumbs up. She’s a social sidekick which means she’s a hit in a lot of people up in the CCO VIP area. She’s also a survey newbie, which is where this came from. She’s an apprentice. I don’t remember honestly what apprentice is. I think that was getting us into the next level of the group here. She’s a challenge starter as well and we really like her participation, thank you Rose for contributing to our community. A

Actually, we’ve awarded you already a “perked” for allowing us to use this testimony on the webinar, so check your membership out if you’re with us tonight. I didn’t check to see if you were there tonight, but you’ll get an email for sure.

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CCO Student Testimonials Rose Chronowski (Success Stories)


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