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9 May, 2018

How to Pass the CPC® Exam or Any Credential- The CCO Proven Process

CCO Education Director and Coach Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I, CRC One of the things we've learned here at Certification Coaching Organization (CCO) and also in the years that I've worked in medical coding is that people who want to get certified struggle with education and passing the CPC® exam. The CPC®

28 Nov, 2015

Do You Have Free Medical Coding CEUS? – Video

Do You Have Free Medical Coding CEUS? - Video Laureen: This is just to let you know that we’ve got lots of CEUs, guys. If you need a bunch at once, just do the medical terminology course, you can get 40. It’s not just buying it. You do have to do

8 Nov, 2015

Why Would you Need to Know Wound Care Coding? – Video

Alicia:  Oh, good, wound care. You guys, I really like wound care. You keep saying, “Is there anything you don’t like?” Yeah. I don’t like E/M leveling but wound care is really fascinating and I’ve wanted to for a while to talk to you guys about the different types of Wound

7 Nov, 2015

Understanding Lesions in the 10000 Series – Diagnosis Code for Lesion

Q: [Lesion 10,000 Series] - I get confused when it comes to report per lesion and report number of lesions in the 10,000 series. Please help! A: OK. What I did was I just put together some information, went and found a couple of good resources which are documented here as

30 Oct, 2015

Subsequent Acute Myocardial Infarction Definition – Video

Alicia:  Q: [ICD-10 Subsequent Acute Myocardial Infarction] - This example comes from AAPC Quick Reference. I want to know why we need 2 codes. Is this only ICD-10 rule? A patient suffers an acute MI of the inferior wall 2 weeks after suffering an acute MI of the left anterior descending

23 Oct, 2015

About Medical Billing And Coding – Applying Coding To Payment Policy – Video

About Medical Billing and Medical Coding Courses Q:  [Back to Basics- Applying Coding to Payment Policy] - Please explain CPC coding and payment policy. A:  That’s a question that’s asked all the time even when I’m speaking to students about coding, they always bring in the billing components in that and it’s

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