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23 Oct, 2015

About Medical Billing And Coding – Applying Coding To Payment Policy – Video

About Medical Billing and Medical Coding Courses Q:  [Back to Basics- Applying Coding to Payment Policy] - Please explain CPC coding and payment policy. A:  That’s a question that’s asked all the time even when I’m speaking to students about coding, they always bring in the billing components in that and it’s

18 Oct, 2015

Medical Coding Graduates – CCO September 2015 – Video

This is our slides, we have so many, where we like to give a shout-out to those who have passed any credentials, finished their medical coding courses. We’ll go through these names real quick, and if you’ve recently graduated and you’re not on the list, please put it in the chat

14 Oct, 2015

Certification Coaching Medical Coding Webinar | August 2015 CCO – Video

Alicia: Hi! Tammy: Hello! Boyd: This Month’s Q and A Webinar Agenda: 90-120 minutes Certification Coaching Medical Coding Webinar | August 2015 CCO - Video It starts with an introduction, which is what we’re on right now. Why stay? Where is everybody from? Recent CCO Graduates/You Too?, we are going to

7 Oct, 2015

Medical Coding Webinar – The CCO QandA Webinar August 2015 Overview

Alicia: This is our lineup. Boyd: We’re going to start off with Tammy here talking about NCCI Edits and then JoAnne is going to talk about NCCI – Commercial Insurance & Coding, 99211 Codes, New Baby Office Visits (I know a lot about that having a one-year old now), Analyzing Financial

21 Sep, 2015

HIV Codes and Guidelines – V Code vs. O Code – Video

Q: [HIV Codes ICD-9 (and ICD-10) Codes] On the HIV codes, when do you use the V code versus the O code? Would you code the patient as being active if they have a history of it?  A:  I will let you know that Tammy started this slide and I had

19 Sep, 2015

Basic Cardiology Medical Coding Part 2 – Video

I grabbed another one, and again it is here for a six-month check. These are routine, very common cases where a person has a cardiac problem. Again, I’m going to go ahead and slide down to the bottom. I always like to work from the bottom up. I see that our

28 Aug, 2015

ICD 10 Training | Initial Encounter vs. Subsequent – Video

Q: ICD 10 training - If a patient had an injury and went to the ER for initial treatment and sutures were placed. When they came to our office for suture removal, would that be an initial encounter as it is the first time at our office with this diagnosis? Or would

26 Aug, 2015

ICD 10 Online Training with CCO – Video

This slide is to talk about the ICD-10 offerings that CCO has. Alicia, you want to explain what we have? Alicia: Sure, absolutely. We’ll, as you know, I went down to Tampa and we did an ICD-10-CM Blitz, a two-day Blitz recording – fantastic, lots of fun – that’s going to