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11 May, 2015

Review of LVAD RVAD Insertion Codes – Video

This was very exciting, so whoever submitted this question, I really appreciated it because after I did the research, I didn’t know as much or hardly anything about this subject. I particularly like cardiology. Q: Can you review the LVAD/RVAD insertion codes for CV (cardiovascular) surgery? A: Actually, when I first

5 Mar, 2015

Slideshare: November 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

The November 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar from www. discussed several topics of interest to medical coders including Modifier 59 meets XE, XP, XS, XU; V Codes; History of Cancer; E Codes; Thyroidectomy Practice Exam Question; Spinal Fusion Practice Exam Question; and GI Doctor for Consultation. The new HCC (Hierarchical Condition

26 Feb, 2015

Medical Coding Certification Graduates – Nov 2014 – Video

Laureen: This is our fun slide, we have so many that we had two slides this time, of people who have recently passed. I did tell Alicia, I said, “I’m going to need some help pronouncing some of these names.” I apologize if I butcher your name; it happens to me

12 Feb, 2015

CCO Recent Graduates October 2014 – Video

Laureen:   This is a slide where we give a shout out to people who’ve let us know that they passed. We have Stacey Otero who passed her CPMA (that’s the auditing credential) in September, Chaim Zeitz passed his CPC on September 19, Dorros Evans – her CPC on 9/24. So, put

26 Dec, 2014

Practicode Case: Coding Family Internal Medicine – Video

Alicia: We got a practice from Practicode. This is actually a Family Practice/Internal Medicine case. I thought we’d work through it and code it. It’s not very difficult to code, but it will give you an idea what you will see in Practicode. It’s kind of exciting. All the information that

25 Dec, 2014

Medical Coder Profile Ariane Jackson – Video

We have a fantastic guest tonight, it’s Ariane. Are you there? I love the picture of you and the pumpkins. Ariane: I am here. Alicia: That’s you, I like the pumpkins. And you passed your exam in July. So, has the excitement worn off, or are you still so excited about

7 Dec, 2014

What does a Practicode Case Look Like – Video

Q: What does Practicode case look like and how do you abstract from it? A: I’m not taking you to Practicode, what we do on a Thursday night student webinar support calls is that one portion of that we do Practicode cases because we have Practicode students. This is a particular

3 Dec, 2014

Slideshare: October 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

The October 2014 Q&A Medical Coding Certification Webinar from www. gave some valuable information on the topic of Evaluation and Management geared to medical coders. The E&M topics covered How to Level an E&M Code, as well as, E/M for New Patient. Other topics discussed in the webinar included Back to