Q: (Medical Coding Manuals) – Can you explain how to use the AAPC CPT vs. the one put out by the AMA? The AAPC version doesn’t seem to have the same notations and hints.

A: I don’t think the AAPC has a different version than AMA. They do for ICD and HCPCS, but the CPT is pretty held close to the vest by the AMA. They’ve got a standard and a professional version, we recommend the professional. They might let some subject matter go on the front. I ordered my package from AAPC and I got the same version that you would get from the AMA, so maybe the questioner meant ICD?

Medical Coding Manuals AAPC CPT vs. AMA – Video

But yes, we might need some clarification on that. To my knowledge, there is an expert version out there, but that’s not allowed on the board exam so I don’t even mess with that too much. I just stick with the professional version, but I don’t believe that the AAPC has the rights to publish their own version of CPT.

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Medical Coding Manuals AAPC vs. AMA