In order to be the best practice management consultant or practice manager, you should not only be a certified coder and know medical billing, you should also be able to approach the medical practice as a business – a business with profit and loss statements, quality in healthcare, cash management, electronic medical records, social media, HIPAA, data security, human resources, fraud and abuse, office space flow charts, and various corrective measures to ensure business continuity.

26 Jul, 2015

Welcome to Medical Coding Training Practicode – Video

UPDATE: CCO no longer offers Practicode. Please visit the AAPC for access Hello everyone and welcome to the CCO Practicum page here with Practicode, and we’re talking today about why people want to get involved with purchasing the Practicode course and what’s the benefits to them. Along with me today is

6 Jul, 2015

Medical Coding Search Tools – Share your Tools for Searches – Video

Medical Coding Search Tools Q: Medical Coding Search Tools / Bubble Highlighting Technique - Can you share your tools for searches, and explain briefly how you “bubble” sections of the CPT? A: Absolutely, this is one of our claims to fame here. On this webinars, over the years, I will show you

16 Jun, 2015

Physician Practice Management Auto Liability – Video

Q:  [Auto Liability] Is it acceptable when a patient comes in for an E/M that is auto-liability (related to auto accident), but at the end of that visit expresses health related issues that the physician addresses. Is it OK to bill an E/M code assessed for auto to the liability company

5 Jun, 2015

Immunotherapy Injection Sequencing – Medical Coding Help – Video

Laureen: This question is Immunotherapy Injection Sequencing. A student asked us about this scenario. Actually, I don’t know if it was a student or actually might just be someone on our discussion board who needed some coding help Scenario: The patient comes in for immunotherapy injections – basically it’s allergy shots.

30 Jan, 2015

E&M Medical Coding | How to Level E and M Code – Part 2 – Video

The other part of the story that we need to think about is “3 of 3” versus “2 of 3.” That’s very critical to getting the right levels. If you look here, it says, “which requires these three key components” and you’ll notice it says that “for each and every single

22 Jan, 2015

Tips on Sequencing Modifiers – Improper Use of Modifiers

Coders often get confused when appropriate sequencing modifiers are applied to procedure code(s) and their claims get denied for the “improper use of modifiers”. How can that be if the modifiers used were accurate? The answer is simple: There is an order to reporting modifiers and there are three categories that

15 Sep, 2014

Medical Physician Practice Manager – Physician Coding

The need for experienced medical practice managers has grown rapidly with the implementation of electronic medical records, ever-changing state and federal regulations, and incentive programs such as Meaningful Use and Physician Quality Reporting Services. Physicians frequently make the mistake of hiring managers with no background in medical office management. As a