What are the Best Credentials for Remote Coders?

Q: (Credentials for Remote Coders) – What are the best credentials for remote coders?

A: It depends what they’re looking for. Aviacode, Coding Network; if you go to their websites and see what specialties they’re looking for, like, I think Aviacode right now is looking for cardiology coders so then I would focus on getting proficient at cardiology coding and you can do that. If you do our Medical Coding Practicum with Practicode and you get to pick which module will you work on and if you pick the cardiology module and you get proficient at it – and proficiency is speed and accuracy and the system tracks it for you.

Say, you get your proficiency from 50 up to 92, well now you can go to Aviacode and say I have 92% proficiency in cardiology coding even though I don’t have experience in coding yet. They’ll hire you if they have an opening because you’ve already demonstrated, not only are you proficient but you’re proficient on the system they created because Aviacode created Practicode.

Now, some other prospective employers, like, the Coding Network, they might not be as familiar with this proficiency report but if you educate them, that’s another thing to put in your portfolio as you go job hunting. The best credentials, I think vary based on need. I know cardio is a popular one, the new HCC is going to be popular, the COC. The AAPC did a salary survey and showed that outpatient hospital coders are earning $20,000 more roughly than regular coders; so some food for thought.

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Boyd: How do you spell Avia?

Laureen: A-v-i-a; Aviacode.

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What are the Best Credentials for Remote Coders


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  1. One thing to consider as a Remote Coder is whether or not the company for which you want to work has a preference for AAPC or AHIMA certifications. There are some companies who would prefer an outpatient facility coder have the CCS certification rather than COC due to a pre-conceived notion that the AAPC COC certification is still Pro-fee based.


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