28 Sep, 2015

The CCO HCC Risk Adjustment Course – Video

CRC Credential - HCC Risk Adjustment Course Is Here! Oh, look, another slide with something I absolutely enjoy and love. So, some of you know I have a background in Risk Adjustment HCC Coding, I absolutely love it, which is not surprising because I love diagnosis coding. ICD-10, ICD-9, it doesn’t

25 Jun, 2015

CRC Credential | Risk Adjustment Course with CCO – Video

The CRC just came out what – are we on our second month now that it’s been out, I think? The CRC Credential stands for Certified Risk Adjustment Coder. And so, we’re trying to change our verbiage that whenever we see HCC, that you understand that it’s “risk adjustment HCC coding”

9 Jun, 2015

HCC Requirements – Get the CRC Without Being a CPC? – Video

You don’t have to be a certified CPC coder to do risk adjustment work. That’s probably preferred because they want to know that you’re familiar. It’s a detailed work, but you can get the CRC without being a CPC. I would suggest that somebody get the CPC and then go in

16 Mar, 2015

HCC Coding and Drawing Lines – Video

Q: (HCC Coding and Drawing Lines) - You talked about drawing lines before when doing HCC coding. Can you give me an example of how to do that? A: Well, you bet I can. So, we can abstract a case and I’m going to show you how to do that. I

16 Jan, 2015

HCC Coding Training – Introduction to Risk Adjustment

HCC Coding Training - Introduction To Risk Adjustment- Part 1 This is Alicia from CodingCertification.org or as we fondly like to call it CCO. I am so excited to get to tell you a little bit about HCC Coding and risk adjustment coding and the background behind it. There's a really