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28 Nov, 2016

Reporting Unethical Practices – Medical Coding and Billing

Q:  “Could you cover reporting ethical concerns in a future webinar? Attempting to notify the facility of unethical practices could lead to termination and adverse effects on future employment. Should coders keep quiet for the sake of their career?” A:  To me, there should be no doubts on whether an employee

23 Sep, 2015

Integumentary System Medical Coding – ICD 9 Skin Issues – Video

Q:  [Integumentary System Medical Coding] Can you please discuss ICD-9 coding for skin wounds, ulcer, abscesses, infections, and cellulitis? I am looking to clarify the difference between wound and other types of skin issues previously listed.” Well, I am going to give you a little heads-up, guys, you know I kind

16 Sep, 2015

Understanding of NCCI Commercial Insurance and Coding – Video

JoAnne:  Q:  Can you speak on the relevance of NCCI, commercial insurance and coding encounters? Example, if the patient is not on Medicare, do NCCI codes matter? A:  The acronym NCCI means National Correct Coding Initiative. It was developed by Medicare for Medicare, but I can tell you from firsthand experience

7 Sep, 2015

CPC Exam Coronary Arteries Question – Video

Q:  [Coronary Arteries] I am confused with major coronary arteries questions on practice exams, board exams. Can you please give an example of questions with the answer as 92933-RC and 92934-LD? One of the practice exam questions gave an example of both of these. I need more clarification on how to

2 Sep, 2015

Help on Fracture Medical Coding – Video

Q:  I am looking for help in fracture medical coding. Is there a good webinar? Suggestions? A:  Well, first of all, I want you to know we’ve talked a lot about fractures because quite honestly, I just like talking about fractures. So, there are some YouTube videos already out there with

1 Aug, 2015

Medical Coding Job Interview Tips

Medical coding and billing plays an important role in the healthcare system. There has been a growing demand for medical coders and billers in the coming years as there's a dramatic shortage driven primarily  by the new coding standard scheduled to be adopted by October of 2015 and possibly due to increasing

23 Jul, 2015

Medical Billing and Coding Training CCO Part 3-5 – Video

They also get a personal coach as I understand it as well with the course. Medical Billing and Coding Training CCO  Part 3  Personal Coach - Video Laureen: Yeah, that's really our claim to fame is we really want our students to feel like individuals not a number. We give them

19 Jul, 2015

CPT Manual Bubbling and Highlighting Technique Explained – Video

The second part of the question was about our BHAT ™ method. That is a proprietary teaching method in term. It’s been trademarked of mine and CCOs and its licensees. It’s a very integral part of our method of teaching especially for the CPT Manual. Alicia said she uses it more