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14 Jul, 2015

Medical Coding Inpatient vs Outpatient – Video

Q: Medical Coding Inpatient vs Outpatient I’m having a difficult time distinguishing between how coding is done for each side (Inpatient vs Outpatient). Are we coding everything, (e.g. Signs & Symptoms) in outpatient and just the definitive diagnosis on the inpatient, or do I have them confused? A:  So, yes, it’s

6 Jul, 2015

Medical Coding Search Tools – Share your Tools for Searches – Video

Medical Coding Search Tools Q: Medical Coding Search Tools / Bubble Highlighting Technique - Can you share your tools for searches, and explain briefly how you “bubble” sections of the CPT? A: Absolutely, this is one of our claims to fame here. On this webinars, over the years, I will show you

19 Jun, 2015

IRF Coding – Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Coding – Video

Alicia:Q:  Can anyone elaborate on IRF coding? A:  This was pretty interesting because I had to do some research on IRF coding. It wasn’t something I was familiar with. So what does IRF stand for? The first thing you need to know is it’s inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) coding. It is,

18 Jun, 2015

Corneal Crosslinking — Which CPT Can Be Used? — Video

Q:  [Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking] Which CPT code can be used for corneal crosslinking? This is something I knew nothing about so I love doing these webinars because we learn so much ourselves and really the best way to learn is to try and teach it. So, anytime that you have

16 Jun, 2015

Physician Practice Management Auto Liability – Video

Q:  [Auto Liability] Is it acceptable when a patient comes in for an E/M that is auto-liability (related to auto accident), but at the end of that visit expresses health related issues that the physician addresses. Is it OK to bill an E/M code assessed for auto to the liability company

5 Jun, 2015

Immunotherapy Injection Sequencing – Medical Coding Help – Video

Laureen: This question is Immunotherapy Injection Sequencing. A student asked us about this scenario. Actually, I don’t know if it was a student or actually might just be someone on our discussion board who needed some coding help Scenario: The patient comes in for immunotherapy injections – basically it’s allergy shots.

2 Jun, 2015

Understanding Exacerbation Medical Coding – Video

Q: I need help in understanding how to code the following: These are three diagnoses – the way I took this question. Three diagnoses on one encounter, one patient. The three are: Acute exacerbation of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. Asthma with exacerbation. Our

1 Jun, 2015

When to Use Anesthesia Modifier Coding? – Video

Q: Anesthesia Modifier Coding — Can you go over anesthesia modifiers and when to use them? A: Yes, I can. Again, I'm going to bring in my doctored up coding manual. I used to be a real neat freak, believe it or not, and I had everything all perfectly lined up. What