[New Medical Coders Don’t Get Freaked] — Before I go too far into this, I just want to say I’ve been going through the chat while everybody else is talking. That’s why you see me smiling but looking over here because I’m reading the chats trying to help answer questions, that sort of thing. I saw a couple of students go, “Wait, I’m a student, this is freaking me out. I don’t understand anything you’re talking about.” Don’t let that panic you. Most of us that are doing this, Laureen, Alicia and I, we’ve been in the business for years and we tend to just talk “code speak.”

[VIDEO] New Medical Coders Don’t Get Freaked – Medical Coding Advice

Don’t worry, as you go through the courses and as you continue to come hopefully back to the webinars to see us and you ask questions, these are all things that are going to come to you, things that you’re going to learn. So, don’t let it overwhelm you at first, just know that wow!

There’re a lot of different aspects that you can go down and there’s some things you don’t need to know as much of depending on which road you go as far as credentials go, whether you’re going the compliance aspect, the billing aspect, that sort of thing. So, I just wanted to say that so don’t panic too bad. Don’t let this overwhelm you.

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New Medical Coders Don't Get Freaked - Medical Coding Advice