3 Must-Have ICD 10 Training Online Resources

3 Must-Have ICD 10 Training Online Resources

What is ICD 10? ICD 10 stands for International Classification of Diseases 10th edition. It’s the new and improved updated version of ICD 9. Now, ICD 10 is split into two systems: ICD-10-CM (Clinical Modification) is the diagnosis code set that will be replacing ICD-9-CM Volumes 1 and 2. ICD-10-CM will be used to report diagnoses […]

Medical Billing Training CCO – Video

medical billing training cco

Hi everyone, we are talking today about Medical Billing Training CCO. I am Boyd, your webmaster here at cco.us, along with Alicia Scott, our education director. We’re talking about medical billing versus medical coding, and a lot of people misunderstand the differences and maybe why you want to take a look at medical billing first, […]

CPT Manual Bubble and Highlighting Technique Explained – Video

cpt manual bubble and highlighting

The second part of the question was about our bubbling and highlighting technique. That is a proprietary teaching method in term. It’s been trademarked of mine and CCOs and its licensees. It’s a very integral part of our method of teaching especially for the CPT Manual Bubble and Highlighting. Alicia said she uses it more […]

What is RVU Medical Coding 101? – Video

rvu medical coding 101

Laureen: We are trying to get some general questions to help people that are preparing for the CPC Exam, and there’re about six to ten questions that are very generic and have a little bit to do with reimbursement, and this is one of the topics. It’s covered very well in books like Carol Buck’s […]

Separate Procedures – CPT- Medical Coding – Video

cpt medical coding

Laureen: Yes, nice segue. The last slide and my next slide is on separate procedures. Q:  Could you review “separate procedure” and give some examples? A:  Yes. I can.“Separate procedure” is a convention used in CPT basically to tell us that, “Hey! This procedure is normally included in other bigger procedures, so just be careful […]

IRF Coding – Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Coding – Video

irf coding

Alicia: Q:  Can anyone elaborate on IRF coding? A:  This was pretty interesting because I had to do some research on IRF coding. It wasn’t something I was familiar with. So what does IRF stand for? The first thing you need to know is it’s inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) coding. It is, I want to […]

Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking – Which CPT Can Be Use? – Video

Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking

Q:  [Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking] Which CPT code can be used for corneal crosslinking? This is something I knew nothing about so I love doing these webinars because we learn so much ourselves and really the best way to learn is to try and teach it. So, anytime that you have a coding question that […]

Physician Practice Management Auto Liability – Video

Physician Practice Management  01

Q:  [Auto Liability] Is it acceptable when a patient comes in for an E/M that is auto-liability (related to auto accident), but at the end of that visit expresses health related issues that the physician addresses. Is it OK to bill an E/M code assessed for auto to the liability company and an E/M code […]

ICD 10 CM Prep with CCO – Video

icd 10 cm

The Future of Coding >>ICD-10 Prep – CCO Style First, a coder and really good with ICD-9 and just need a little help to get over that proficiency assessment, then the ICD-10-CM Blitz is for you. It’s new. It’s going to prepare you to pass the proficiency assessment with ease. It’s a 16-hour course equivalent. […]

PPM Denials and Take Backs – Video

PPM Denials and Takebacks

PPM Denials and Takebacks Jo-Anne:This one,this happens all the time and I’ve run into this so many times. Q: I work for a busy 3-doctor orthopedic surgery practice. We have been experiencing serious revenue issues with increased denials and money take backs. I am not sure where to begin resolving the problems but the surgeons […]