Coding for Cushing’s Syndrome – 255.0 Medical Coding – Video

Cushing’s Syndrome

Alicia: Cushing syndrome, the code for that is 255.0 and the question was – Q: I encountered this question in one of the online exams that I purchased. I’m confused, because I believe that in neoplasm you need to code primary cancer in the second position and secondary cancer in the first position which is […]

What is a Medical Auditor – Video

medical auditor

Tammy: Q: [Being an Auditor] “I’m a coder, but I was wondering what is different about being an auditor, and if I decided to pursue that area, what would I need in order to be one? Do I need to be certified for that too? Do I have to have my CPC certification first?” A: […]

Physician Practice Management CPPM Certification Credential – Video

cppm certification

Laureen: Jo-Anne is a… Jo-Anne: Here I am. Laureen: Oh good…instructor for our PPM course and she’s a coach for a gaggle of students that we have. We’re really keeping her busy these days. I’ll let her go ahead and answer her question. Jo-Anne: The question is: Q: [PPM] “I am thinking of taking the […]

Physician Doesn’t Give The Length of Laceration in ER – Video

length of laceration

Q: [Length of Laceration] – “If the physician doesn’t give the length of a laceration in ER should you query him or can you use what the ER nurse documented in her flow sheet?” A:  You chase him down the hallway and you get the information. No. [Laughs] Physician Doesn’t Give The Length of Laceration […]

ICD 9 Sequence for OV – Video

ICD 9 Sequence for OV

Q: What is the correct ICD-9 sequence for OV screening colonoscopy with signs and symptoms?The physician documents screening colonoscopy visit but also states patient has GERD & abdominal pain. A: This is something that we probably don’t have quite enough information as far as just this statement. We probably need a little bit more but […]

What EM Code to Bill for First GI Doctor Evaluation – Video

gi doctor evaluation

Q: GI Doctor for Consultation – Patient was admitted to the hospital and his attending physician called the GI doctor for consultation. This patient has Medicare. What E/M code should I bill for this first GI evaluation? Initial hospital visit 99223 (example) or follow up hospital visit 99232? A: I can see why this is […]

Difference between 24575 and 24579 Coding | Comparing and Contrasting – Video

Medical Coding 24575 and 24579

Alright, I think I’ll answer this one real quickly. So, this one was a quickie. Q: What is the difference between 24575 and 24579 Coding? I’m using the 2013 Edition… A: I’m going to answer from 2014… This is a real simple one, but this is a good illustration of comparing and contrasting, which is […]

Medical Coding Surgical Procedure – Video

Medical Coding Surgical Procedure

This one is kind of a brief one. Q: Medical Coding Surgical Procedure – I was wondering if someone could give me a few tips on how to figure out the wording when coding a surgical procedure? I have the study guide but the questions that they ask without the multiple answers are where I […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance – Of Interest to Medical Billers

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Recently, I read an article by Dr. Belk that interested me so much and challenged my own perceptions about this issue that I wanted to discuss this issue in a blog post here :).  I, like so many others, thought that medical malpractice insurance was becoming so outrageously expensive for doctors that many were going […]

E and M Coding | New Patient E and M – Video

new patient e and m

Q: E/M for New Patient – For new patient physician visits, if the physician has not performed the 3 key elements, can I bill the visit as a new patient or can I use the time element? A: Again, you want to go right to the manual. In your E&M section of CPT, they’re got […]