What is RVU Medical Coding 101? – Video

rvu medical coding 101

Laureen: We are trying to get some general questions to help people that are preparing for the CPC Exam, and there’re about six to ten questions that are very generic and have a little bit to do with reimbursement, and this is one of the topics. It’s covered very well in books like Carol Buck’s […]

Separate Procedures – CPT- Medical Coding – Video

cpt medical coding

Laureen: Yes, nice segue. The last slide and my next slide is on separate procedures. Q:  Could you review “separate procedure” and give some examples? A:  Yes. I can.“Separate procedure” is a convention used in CPT basically to tell us that, “Hey! This procedure is normally included in other bigger procedures, so just be careful […]

ICD 10 cm Official Guidelines for Medical Coding Reporting – Video

medical coding reporting

Boyd: So, Alicia, tell us about the new… you’re the new ICD-10 guru here, so tell us about this new Official Guidelines for Coding & Reporting. ICD 10 cm Official Guidelines for Medical Coding Reporting – Video Alicia: ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for  Medical Coding Reporting – Yes, the new official guidelines, it’s pretty interesting. 2015 […]

IRF Coding – Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Coding – Video

irf coding

Alicia: Q:  Can anyone elaborate on IRF coding? A:  This was pretty interesting because I had to do some research on IRF coding. It wasn’t something I was familiar with. So what does IRF stand for? The first thing you need to know is it’s inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) coding. It is, I want to […]

Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking – Which CPT Can Be Use? – Video

Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking

Q:  [Medical Coders Corneal Crosslinking] Which CPT code can be used for corneal crosslinking? This is something I knew nothing about so I love doing these webinars because we learn so much ourselves and really the best way to learn is to try and teach it. So, anytime that you have a coding question that […]

Physician Practice Management Auto Liability – Video

Physician Practice Management  01

Q:  [Auto Liability] Is it acceptable when a patient comes in for an E/M that is auto-liability (related to auto accident), but at the end of that visit expresses health related issues that the physician addresses. Is it OK to bill an E/M code assessed for auto to the liability company and an E/M code […]

ICD 10 CM Prep with CCO – Video

icd 10 cm

The Future of Coding >>ICD-10 Prep – CCO Style First, a coder and really good with ICD-9 and just need a little help to get over that proficiency assessment, then the ICD-10-CM Blitz is for you. It’s new. It’s going to prepare you to pass the proficiency assessment with ease. It’s a 16-hour course equivalent. […]

PPM Denials and Take Backs – Video

PPM Denials and Takebacks

PPM Denials and Takebacks Jo-Anne:This one,this happens all the time and I’ve run into this so many times. Q: I work for a busy 3-doctor orthopedic surgery practice. We have been experiencing serious revenue issues with increased denials and money take backs. I am not sure where to begin resolving the problems but the surgeons […]

Coding for Cushing’s Syndrome – 255.0 Medical Coding – Video

Cushing’s Syndrome

Alicia: Cushing syndrome, the code for that is 255.0 and the question was – Q: I encountered this question in one of the online exams that I purchased. I’m confused, because I believe that in neoplasm you need to code primary cancer in the second position and secondary cancer in the first position which is […]

What is a Medical Auditor – Video

medical auditor

Tammy: Q: [Being an Auditor] “I’m a coder, but I was wondering what is different about being an auditor, and if I decided to pursue that area, what would I need in order to be one? Do I need to be certified for that too? Do I have to have my CPC certification first?” A: […]