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24 01, 2016

ICD 10 Coding Annual Physical with Chronic Conditions

Q: ICD-10 question, if a patient is in for an annual physical and has chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus or hypertension, would you use Z00.01? A: Z00.01 is annual preventive or adult preventive examination with...

21 01, 2016

CCO’s Medical Coding Certifications — Power Up Your Career and Salary

The best way to prepare for medical coding certifications test is to take a quality training program that prepares you not only for the exam but also for your future career. Certification Coaching's online medical coding training program...

27 11, 2015

CCO September 2015 Lineup of Medical Billing and Coding Courses – Video

This is just a quick lineup of all of our medical billing and coding courses. Just a little over three years ago we had just Blitz and then we added the coding course, and looking how much we’ve accomplished in three or four years, so we’re going to...

19 10, 2015

Medical Coding Books | The CCO Bookstore – Video

This slide is about our fairly new CCO bookstore. It’s been going very well, very smooth, and we’ve got a lot of products from the AMA, InstaCode which is primarily all ICD-10 specialty manual, so check that out; some AAPC textbooks for our...

6 10, 2015

Medical Practice Management and Financial Reports – Video

Q: [Medical Practice Management] What actions do I take with a financial report as a Practice Manager? JoAnne: OK. All of this stuff will be on an upcoming webinar covering practice managements, claims submission and...