Medical Practice Management and Financial Reports – Video

Q: [Medical Practice Management] What actions do I take with a financial report as a Practice Manager?JoAnne: OK. All of this stuff will be on an upcoming webinar covering practice managements, claims submission and problem resolution because there is so much to it today with technology and everything that it’s not like the old days […]

Medical Coding Books at New CCO Bookstore – Video

Boyd:   Announcing – Our Bookstore!! Yup! Alicia, have you check out the book store, yet? Alicia:     Oh yes, I have. Boyd:   Tell us what’s in the bookstore? Alicia: Well, first of all, one of my favorite manuals is in the bookstore. It’s the ICD-10 CM from Elsevier, the Carol Buck one, that’s one of my […]

CCO at Annual Amba Conference 2015 – Video

Amba Conference 2015 Boyd: Tell us about, who’s this? We’ve got exciting news about who’s speaking this year at the AMBA conference, correct? Alicia:   Yes. You know that Laureen and Boyd and I were in Las Vegas this past year at the AAPC conference and now we get to go back to the AMBA as […]

New Baby Medical Coding for Office Visits – Video

Alicia:  OK. She’s got another slide; lots of knowledge tonight from JoAnne. New Baby Office Visit, we get a lot of questions about this so I’m glad that JoAnne did this particular presentation. JoAnne:  Q:  How do I bill and get paid for new baby visits in the Family Practice?  I have more denials than […]

National Correct Coding Initiative – NCCI Coding Edits – Video

Tammy:  Q:  [NCCI Coding Edits] – I wanted to know if someone can clarify some confusion I have about when multiple surgeries are done on a patient but the codes the physician is using conflict with each other because of CCI Edits. How is the procedures billed if CCI Edits say the CPTs cannot be […]

Basic Cardiology Medical Coding Part 2 – Video

I grabbed another one, and again it is here for a six-month check. These are routine, very common cases where a person has a cardiac problem. Again, I’m going to go ahead and slide down to the bottom. I always like to work from the bottom up. I see that our patient has sleep apnea, […]

Basic Cardiology Medical Coding Part 1 – Video

Alicia:  Q:  [Basic Cardiology Medical Coding] I am having trouble putting it all together! Reading a question and figuring out what to do in cardio issues. Can you go over cardio? A:  What I decided to do was take a couple cases and these are real cases redacted with people that have cardio issues. Just […]

Burn Medical Coding and the Rule of Nines – Video

A:  You bet I can. And it is confusing because the terms are interchangeable, both of them use them and yet they do them for different reasons, and so it does. It gets a little confusing. This is actually a lot of slides but several of them are full page pictures. What you need to […]

The Transbronchial Biopsy Medical Coding – Video

Q:  [Transbronchial Biopsy Medical Coding] – How would you code a transbronchial biopsy of the left lower lobe of the lung with BAL washings, but with no lung tissue identified on the pathology report? A:  The first thing is, what’s a BAL? It’s a bronchoscopic alveolar lavage. So they’re basically sending some fluid in there […]

Medical Auditing Conversion of Diagnosis Codes into DRG’s – Video

Laureen: And here’s the lineup of the pre-done questions for you. We will have open Q & A the last half hour, but these are the ones that we took our time doing some research and putting together some answer sheets. We’re going to do it in order, Tammy then Alicia then myself. I’m going […]